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I am 53. I am medically retired from the Army.

Airborne, 11B, 92A, Battalion and Unit Armorer, BOSS Rep. Basrah, Iraq 2009-2010. Airborne-Ft. Benning. Jungle Training Ft. Polk. LA. NTC Training Ft. Irwin. Ca. 1989-1990. Sgt, E-5.

I have a 3rd Degree Brown Belt in Kenpo.

I have studied at a beginners level in a variety of styles.

Big fan of Bruce Lee. OF COURSE!

I love animals, especially Dogs!

I own Scottish Isle Soap.

I love Metallica.

I Love physical and mental challenges.

Especially when I fail.

I love education.

I'm in great shape, thanks to myself!!!

Kids are ok, I guess. are funny as can be. (Can I say, Fucking Hilariuos)?


I love fucking up bad people 😎

That's about it

Please call me Seumas

Seumas Bard

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