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At the beginning of each instructional course, Defiance Tactical Shooting will introduce to you the range rules and let you know what is and is not allowed before, during, and after each training session. 

Defiance Tactical Shooting will equip all persons will the practical knowledge of gun safety, whether you are an expert or beginner. By doing so, we expect you to be respectful and to follow each range and gun safety rule at all times. 


By signing up for a course with Defiance Tactical Shooting, you agree herein to abide by all the rules you will receive (aforementioned in the above "Range Rules" section) on the day of your instructional training course. By coming to the Defiance Tactical Shooting range, you also agree herein that you understand the risks and complications involved while shooting guns. Whether you rent a firearm from Defiance Tactical Shooting or bring your own, you agree that Defiance Tactical Shooting  is not responsible or liable for any injuries, accidents, or deaths that may occur during a training session. When signing up for a course with Defiance Tactical Shooting, you agree to abide strictly by Defiance Tactical Shooting's range and firearm safety rules. 

When creating an account with Defiance Tactical Shooting, you agree to share personal and sensitive information. We do not store, share, or distribute any forms of payment methods. By signing up for Defiance Tactical Shooting's mailing list, you agree to allow us to store some personal information, such as your name, telephone number, and email address, for the sole use of internal promotional and informational purposes. Defiance Tactical Shooting agrees to never sell, give, or distribute to 3rd-parties any of your personal information we store. Please note that you can cancel your account and unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.


​- Credit / Debit Cards
- PayPal

- NO Offline Payments

Additionally, please note that you must pay for your course in full at least 24 hours before arriving to the range. Failure to pay may result in a cancellation fee and/or being banned from the range in definitely. No refunds allowed.

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