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We are not like any other firearms academy in Houston. Unlike places such as 360 Tactical Training, we offer much more personalized and unique courses that are hosted by an instructor who has seen it all, as he is retired from the U.S. Special Forces. So, rest assured that you will not find training anywhere else as good as Defiance Tactical's.

In addition this, as mass shooting events have rapidly increased over the last few years, we also believe that every single person deserves to have the right to know how to protect themselves.  

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Tactical Shooting Courses

David is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major. In 2016, David founded Defiance Tactical with one primary mission: to continue an already lifelong commitment to protecting our nation and its people. 

As the owner and operator of Defiance Tactical Shooting, David is especially prepared to serve you, considering his Special Forces background. With that, David has served as a Weapons Sergeant (18B), Intelligence Sergeant (18F), Team Sergeant (18Z), and Sergeant Major (18Z). Accordingly, highlights of his assignments include Combat Dive Teams, CINC In-Extremis Force, multiple Afghan combat tours, as well as a 20-month tour as the unconventional warfare advisor to Pakistan’s Frontier Scouts in Peshawar and Bajaur.


With an unparalleled background, David has successfully graduated from Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Combat Diver, SFARTEATC and Colombia’s Lancero Courses. Additionally, he has earned a B.S. from Excelsior College and an M.S. in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies.

Marksmanship Training
AR & handgun marksmanship training for all skill levels.
Barricade Shooting
In today’s world, there should be someone in every business, educational facility, and large gathering place (including churches) that has the understanding and ability to deal with an awful threat: an active shooter. Barricade shooting will prepare you for this.