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Recoil Management

Your ability to manage recoil is critical for shooting accurate, successive shots groups quickly. It begins with your shooting stance. When practicing on your own follow these steps:

1. Point your feet at the target, shoulder width (or slightly more) apart, and step forward about 2-1/2 feet with your right foot (left handed shooters) or left foot (right handed shooters).

2. Without bending your knees, bend at the waist, adjusting your center of gravity forward.

3. Rotate and lock your shoulders forward, keep your arms and wrists straight.

4. Press the trigger to the rear while focusing on the front site, fight through the recoil to keep the front site on your point of aim.

5. Check your alignment and fire again!

The steps seem complicated but in reality they are super simple and anyone, regardless of weight can manage handgun recoil. Recoil management is a necessary skill for accurate, quick shooting. It takes a lot of practice and really examining what you are doing. During instruction we use real-time video to demonstrate the best recoil management practices and explain flaws.


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