Our Recommended FFL and Gunsmith

A lot of folks have asked us who we recommend for FFL and gunsmithing...we go with FFL-Texas, located in Katy right off of 99 and Kingsland. He has been around a long time and can resolve any gun smithing issues or purchasing needs you have.

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Schedule updated for September

For all the folks that asked about the basic pistol class and LTC I have added dates for September! Please schedule ASAP!. Pistol marksmanship and LTC: 18 Sep AR marksmanship: 19 Sep

1911 magazine swaps

https://www.edbrown.com/magexchangeb/ swap your old 1911 mags for Ed Brown magazines.

For Houston and Surrounding areas

My local ammunition manufacturing contacts have informed me they are stocked on ammunition and ready to distribute. Lone Star Munitions, in Katy, TX has 9mm (147 grain) at 54.00 per box, of 100, 9mm